Meet Delvin

Councilman Moody is fighting for Utica and proudly serving Corn Hill

A proud life-long resident of Utica and advocate for young people. Reared in church, Delvin felt called to the service of others and helping his community. He is a compassionate young leader who understands the importance of unity and hope. He is an unapologetic progressive representing Utica’s Melting Pot (Cornhill) on the City of Utica Common Council. In addition to that, he is currently getting his Master’s at the prestigious Colgate University in Religion; which after he intends to get a PhD.  


He has been active in numerous organizations on various topics. From the NAACP to the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), and The United Nations to name a few. He served as National Chairman of the National Black Action Committee, State Treasurer of the New York State Young Democrats, founder of the Young Christians Network, and proud Dad to Bryce A. Moody. Delvin is a highly sought after speaker both locally and nationally. He loves sharing his message of hope and faith with the others, in belief that together we can change the world. 

"Together, we can move Utica forward. As one community fighting for justice, equity, and progress.  - Delvin

What We've Got Done.

Some of our 2020 accomplishments:


- Reinstituted the Utica Youth Common Council

- Co-Sponsored Legislation to regulate Corner Stores and minimize illegal activity

- Drafted Legislation to crackdown on illegal tobacco & synthetic drugs

- Passed Legislation for Emergency Rent Relief (Over $500,000)

- Supported Property Ordinance for new UMHA Homes on Seymour Ave.

- Co-Sponsored Fireworks Legislation to minimize noise at night

- Proposed GREEN LIGHT DISTRICT Ordinance to deter acts of violence in Cornhill

- Proposed Minority & Women Business Enterprise Program which will result in percentage of city contracts directly to MWBE businesses.

- Proposed Ordinance to require Camera Surveillance for Apartment building to increase security for area and help minimize gun shootings.

- Lead effort to create Black Lives Matters Mural in Kemble Park

- Lead & Organized the George Floyd Protest with NO VIOLENCE