What is your plan for Public Safety & Police?

For the past 9 months, I have served on the Utica Police Reform Committee and vice-chair for the Public Safety Committee on the City of Utica Common Council. I beleive that our public safety sector is an essential part of the vitality of a city. People don't live in places wheer they dont feel safe. They definintly dont invest in community where safety can't be ensured. That said, public safety is #1 for the Cornhill area. Here are some thoughts I have: 1. Invest in Green Light Districts: A municpal program that establish districts that will have cameras and lighting to deter crime and further monitor. These may also include 911 emergency phones to help people call in crimes. 2. Survlience Camera Ordinance: This would require aparment buildings to have cameras and that the footage be shared with UPD when requested by the city. 3. Civilian Public Safety Committee: This will be an oversight and audit committee that will recieve complaints from the community. It will work to create a streamline process for community complaints but will also work to build trust among UPD/UFD and community. 4. Create a Cornhill Neighboorhood Watch.

What are your priorities for the 2021-2022 budget?

The budget this year offers no new taxes. There are a few things that we can get done that will imporve the community. 1. Participatory Budgeting & Paving Options: - Launch a $50 U•Create Inititative where community can create proposals and ideas. 2. $100K for improving Parks to be more disability accessible.

What are your ideas for econmic development & innovation?

Making Cornhill a sustainable community for econmoic development is essential for innovation. My proposed Minority & Women Business Enterprise Certification Program (MWBE) can greatly impact economic development for the inner city. The goal of the MWBE program will be to: 1. Certifiy business owner and operated by Minorities & Women. 2. Committ to the goal of a certain percetage of city contracts going toward these BMWE's 3. Create a directly of MWBEs in the City Also, develop a Cornhill Master Plan that looks at where cornhill is and where we can go.

What are your Cornhill specific ideas?

Cornhill is a special place with tremendous potential. No great success is achieved without hard work. I am committed to that very goal. Here are a few ideas for the district: 1. Tackled the food desert in the Cornhill area. • Increase grocery store options • Support a "mobile" Farmers' Market in Kemble Park • Advance nutrition education in the area 2. Business Incubator on James St. 3. Make Utica Parks more accessible for families with disablities