Councilman-Elect Moody to form Cornhill Citizens' Advisory Board

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Utica- On November 5th, 2019 Delvin Moody was elected to serve as Councilman for Utica's 5th Ward which comprises of Cornhill and a small sector of West Utica. At the offset, he committed to greater transparency in his leadership on the Common Council. As well as, building strong communication lines between City Hall and Cornhill Residents.

“I believe that Cornhill is a vibrant community with much potential. If we build strong community ties we can capitalize on the moment and increase participation in local government.”

This board will serve as the Councilman direct advisory board and not as an official board of the city. However, Delvin has agreed to make available documents and information to residents so they will be up to date on city projects.

Tentative Structure for the Cornhill Citizens' Advisory Board

The CCAB will be a non-partisan community advisory board that will compromise of residents and community leaders invested in Cornhill.

Membership will be open to: Residents, Business Owners, and Community Leaders that either operate not-for-profits in Cornhill or represent an agency active in the 5th Ward.

One person from each Electoral District (7) and 3 with invested interest in Cornhill.

Meetings: Occur monthly at a time deemed feasible for most or all board members. Meetings will always be open to the public.

Scope: the Board will look at, make recommendations on, and provide advise regarding,

  • Budgets

  • Streets and Roads Improvements

  • Public Safety Relations

  • Community Events

  • CDBG Application Technical Support

  • Concerns and Issues from Residents

Leadership: The Board will be chaired by a member of the Board. Councilman Moody will serve as ex officio to the board.

Voting: Board members at times may decide to take formal votes. However, the board will seek to build consensus as a less hostile method to ensure that no voice is excluded from the conversation.

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